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COABE Pre-Conference Resources
Philadelphia, PA
March 25, 2007

A State Staff Guide for Managing Statewide Initiatives

As a state staff member, you are placed in charge of a statewide program improvement initiative.  You want to make sure that itís a success, but youíre not sure exactly where to start or where to look for good models.  What data should you examine before you even begin?  How do you create a common vision and get practitioner input and buy-in from the get-go?  How do you develop a sound pilot-testing strategy that will help you determine policy, resource, and professional development needs for statewide implementation?  How should you collect and analyze data to determine effectiveness?

This day-long workshop will help state staff find answers to these questions.  In the morning, you will be introduced to a structure and process that will help you plan, deliver, and evaluate statewide initiatives.  You will use case studies to apply critical decision points to sample program improvement efforts.   In the afternoon, you will be grouped with colleagues working on similar program improvement initiatives while you map out a structure and process that will work for your own initiative.

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