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Indiana’s 2013 RFA mandates WIB involvement and is aligned with the WIB service areas. This 2013 RFA is the original grant application which provides more details including the core values that guide the development of local plans. The 2014 RFA below is a continuation of that grant.

Indiana’s 2014 RFA is a continuation grant.

North Dakota Consultation Tool:  Our colleagues in North Dakota developed this check list to determine the state of preparedness and needed technical assistance as they prepare the transition to WIOA.

In 1998 Virginia prepared a “Non-regulatory Guidance” document to help locals develop regional plans.  Even though the details relate to the 1998 WIA bill, the process may be of interest.

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OCTAE webinar recording #1 - August 7

OCTAE webinar recording #2 - August 21

OCTAE webinar recording #3 - September 4

OCTAE webinar recording #4   






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