About Us

The NAEPDC was incorporated in 1990 to fulfill a desire of state adult education staff to enhance their professional development. Organized by state directors of adult education, NAEPDC has five main purposes:

  • To coordinate, develop, and conduct programs of professional development for state adult education staff;
  • To serve as a catalyst for public policy review and development related to adult education;
  • To disseminate information on the field of adult education;
  • To maintain a visible presence for the state adult education program in our nation’s capitol; and
  • To coordinate the development of national and/or international adult education initiatives and link those initiatives to state programs.

NAEPDC responds to the needs of its member states through a variety of activities, such as:

  • Training activities geared to specific needs of state staff;
  • Publications which provide promising practices and strategies for fostering effective state leadership;
  • A wealth of online resources to provide state policy and procedure models and options; and
  • Specialized services for new state directors to support their leadership and management skills.