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Background Information Form for

New State Directors of Adult Education 

Welcome to the NAEPDC Peer Mentoring Program.  Please take a few moments to answer the questions below.  Your responses will allow us to match you with the most appropriate peer mentor.




1.  How long have you been serving as the state director?


2. Prior to this position, describe the job and responsibilities you were handling.


3. What state agency hosts your adult education program (e.g., Department of Education, College System, Workforce Development Agency)?

4. Demographics of your state program:

a.    # of students served annually:             

b.    # of grantees:                           

c.    # of local program administrators:

d.    # of full-time instructors:            

e.    # of part-time instructors:           

5. State staff and funding:

a.    # of state professional staff (including contracted       vendors with state responsibility):                          

b.    Amount of AEFLA federal allocation:      

c.    Amount of state allocation:                 

d.    Other funding sources:

6. Accountability:

a.   Did your state meet all of its performance standards     last year?

b.   If not, which ones did you not meet?

7.  What do you feel is the greatest challenge/s you are       currently facing in your job as state director?


Please fax (317-233-0859) or email your responses to Patricia Tyler

Executive Director

Telephone: 202-624-5250

Contact us: Patricia Tyler, Executive Director; 444 North Capitol Street, NW; Suite 422; Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-624-5250; Fax: 202-624-1497; Email: