LAM Education Needs Assessments: Bridging the Gaps (Educopia Institute)

This report might seem a little far-afield for some of you, but staff responsible for conducting PD needs assessment in your state may find it of interest. Aimed at PD professionals in the library, archive, museum (LAM) fields, the authors here tried to identify more general guiding principles and practices for needs assessments across a broader setRead More

Learning For Life: The Opportunity For Technology To Transform Adult Education (Part II: The Supplier Ecosystem)

This is the second part of a publication series from Tyson Partners exploring technology readiness, access, and use within various adult education “delivery channels,” plus the “market opportunities, program decision-making processes, and the supplier ecosystem for instructional resources.” The purpose of this research is to help guide suppliers, investors, and others as they explore business opportunities in the adult education market. (I shouldRead More