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National Training Institute

mills houseNAEPDC NCSDAE 2013 National Training Institute Resources
Mills House Wyndhem Hotel
Charleston, Sc
October 22-25, 2013


From October 22 -25, 2013, one hundred and eight state directors and state staff along with local directors from the host state of South Carolina attended the NAEPDC/NCSDAE National Training Institute in Charleston, South Carolina. 

The NTI focused on strategies for moving a state to the new National Adult Education College and Career Readiness (CCR) Standards

Below are the resources from that institute.

*NAEPDC CCR Standards Self-Assessment:  Prior to beginning a move to CCR Standards, this checklist provides a state director and her/his advisory workgroup a list of factors to assess where the state is in a standards process.

*NAEPDC CCR Standards Decision Points:  Even though every state is different, the decisions to be considered when moving to CCR Standards are similar.  The Decision Points matrix offers in the first column a listing of those decisions a state faces and in the second column examples of state colleagues who have made those decisions along with their resources.

*NAEPDC NTI Talking Points:  The NTI focused on five of the key decision points with colleagues with experience in each providing lessons learned and recommendations.  This document captures their talking points as well as links to their powerpoints, handouts and video segments.

*NAEPDC CCR Standards Planning Document: The planning document presents a simple calendar to chart out the steps in planning, implementing and evaluating a move to CCR Standards.

Additional Handouts - PPT

Jennifer Foster - NAEPDC Jennifer Foster - Bridge Programs
Susan Fish - NTI PPT Beverley Smith - GED Blitz
Beth Ponder - SIA Cindy - Adult Ed in Tennessee
Jackie Standards in Action Pilot - KY Jay Brooks - Using the grant application to move AE forward
Margaret Bowles SIA Reecie Stagnolia - NTI
Gayle Box - NTI Robin WVABE - Curriculum Pilot Project
Sandy Crist - Morning News Mississippi Leadership Excellence Academy

Tekmedia - Slide Show

Video Files

Did You Know? What would you tell them? (Woman) Video 1
What I can rely on.. (man) Video 2 Video 3
Video 4 AE Teacher Academy



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*NOTE:  These documents are copyrighted by NAEPDC for the free use by member states.  Others should obtain permission in writing and pay appropriate fees for using these materials.



The 2012 National Training Institutue Resources

NTI Program


College and Career Pathways Decision Points Chart

Final NTI - Opening Session +Day One PPT file


Teacher Quality and Effectiveness Decision Points Chart

NTI - Day Two PPT file


The 2011 National Training Institute Resources are now available online!

  1. Introduction
  2. Agenda, comparison charts and resource packet
  3. Session PowerPoint

The National Training Institute (NTI), a two and one-half day annual professional development activity, is designed to provide in-depth training on topics specific to the  

The NTI provides adult education state staff an opportunity to gain new insight into timely issues, share and learn with their colleagues, and receive practical alternatives to address critical issues within their state adult education systems.  

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