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Targeted Training for State Staff


2012 COABE PreConference Resources

Agenda | PPT |Resource Packet | Worksheet

The State Staff Role in Learner Persistence - state staff presentation made by Lennox McLendon and Kathi Polis at 2007 State Directors' Conference in Philadelphia, PA

Sample Orientation Training for New State Staff - developed for new state staff in Michigan's Adult Education Program


State Staff Training Institute

  • 2010 Pre-Conference:  Career Pathways:  It's All About the Adult Learner   Powerpoint     Handouts

  • 2008 Pre- Conference:  A Guide to Intervention Strategies for Low Performing Programs,  New Oleans, LA,  March 2008

  • 2007 Pre-Conference:  A State Staff Guide for Managing Statewide Initiatives,  Philadelphia, PA, March 25, 2007

  • 2005 Pre-Conference:  The Role of State Staff in Promoting Student Persistence, Anaheim, California, May 4, 2005

  • 2004 Pre-Conference:  Technology Options for Professional Development, Columbus, OH, April 24, 2004


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