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Targeted Training for State Staff


2017 COABE PreConference Resources

Agenda | PPT - Did you know | PPT - Lessons Learned | Handout

McLendon's Career Pathway Option

Preparing Workers Reading 9

WIOA Required State Leadership Activities survey for local programs

Condensed Program WIOA Survey Responses

Partner Roles and Responsibilities

WIOA Partnership Collaboration Checklist

Teamwork Core Partner Working Papers

Infrastructure Table of Contents

IET Brief - IET option

IET Brief

Workforce Preparation Activities for COABE PreCon





2012 COABE PreConference Resources

Agenda | PPT |Resource Packet | Worksheet

The State Staff Role in Learner Persistence - state staff presentation made by Lennox McLendon and Kathi Polis at 2007 State Directors' Conference in Philadelphia, PA

Sample Orientation Training for New State Staff - developed for new state staff in Michigan's Adult Education Program


State Staff Training Institute

  • 2010 Pre-Conference:  Career Pathways:  It's All About the Adult Learner   Powerpoint     Handouts

  • 2008 Pre- Conference:  A Guide to Intervention Strategies for Low Performing Programs,  New Oleans, LA,  March 2008

  • 2007 Pre-Conference:  A State Staff Guide for Managing Statewide Initiatives,  Philadelphia, PA, March 25, 2007

  • 2005 Pre-Conference:  The Role of State Staff in Promoting Student Persistence, Anaheim, California, May 4, 2005

  • 2004 Pre-Conference:  Technology Options for Professional Development, Columbus, OH, April 24, 2004


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