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NAEPDC State Staff Workgroup

The NAEPDC State Staff Workgroup was formed in 2001 to fulfill a desire of state staff to enhance their professional development.  Comprised of staff from various states, the workgroup’s goal is to provide resources and training appropriate to the needs and functions of state-level adult education professionals. 

The workgroup has three primary functions:

1)                 Design and deliver training on selected topics that allow state staff to learn and share promising practices related to such areas as professional development, instructional delivery, continuous improvement, research integration, and program management.  Annual training is delivered at the COABE pre-conference.

2)                 Design and coordinate tools and resources that can foster instructional effectiveness.  The tools, called program analysis charts, are web-based resources that state staff can incorporate into local training on key decision points, helpful hints, and resources related to such areas as student orientation and intake, recruitment, and retention.

3)                 Collect, jury, and disseminate state-level resources that complement the existing LINCS Special Collections.  These resources include sample state policies, procedures, and management resources that guide the operation of state adult education systems.


If you are a state staff member and would be interested in

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Contact us: Dr. Lennox McLendon, Executive Director; 444 North Capitol Street, NW; Suite 422; Washington, DC 20001
Phone: 202-624-5250; Fax: 202-624-1497; Email:

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